Moisture in Walls


Here is a list of the top questions and solutions about moisture in walls.

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Suspect Moisture on Ceiling?

The best way to check for moisture on a ceiling is using infrared. Where the moisture is will show a distinctive area on the camera which can then be confirmed with a moisture meter. This is certainly the best way if you have no crawl space in the ceiling, like a flat or mono pitched roof. Instant results with this method!


 Moisture Test Companies

There are plenty of them in your area… they will either specialize it, or they will be a building inspector who carries a moisture meter. If you have a small patch in the home where you suspect moisture then a local inspector should be fine. If it’s something bigger, get a specialist who also carries an IR camera. Try clicking our ‘contact us’ button also!


Pictures of Moisture Damage Behind Decks

If you are looking for infrared thermal imaging pictures of deck leaks, visit . If you are simply looking for images where someone has ripped off the drywall then you should be able to google that by going to then click images then type deck leaks.


How to find or measure the moisture content of wood?

Check out the DIY moisture meter link at the bottom of the page….


Does a dehumidifier stop window moisture?

Yes… it can stop the moisture on a temporary basis, but if you have single glazed windows then the moisture will re-appear the moment you turn it off. In fact, even with a dehumidifier your windows will probable still condensate. This type of equipment does help to reduce moisture, but fix the source of the moisture first otherwise you’ll chase your tail as long as you live there.


Moisture reader sales:

They are cheap to buy… visit the DIY link below this post for more info and pricing. Very handy to have in the draw to keep ontop of any leaks that might arise. These moisture machines a generally very reliable water dampness testing! You will also find it’s more beneficial to buy a cheap meter for yourself when compared to moisture meter rental.