How Much Do I Charge for IR Inspections?


If you are in the process of starting your IR business, then this question is one of the first that comes to mind… and it’s all about the money so you need to get the pricing right, but not too expensive that you price yourself out of the market!

We personally work on $100 p/hour for thermal imaging inspections… but you don’t tell the client that when they call! You need to work it out in your head as quickly as possible so you can quote over the phone. The $100 starts from the moment you leave home, not just time on site.

For example: 

Leak Detection Work – 30 mins to get to the job (which means 30mins home), 30mins detecting the leak, then another 30mins to write a brief report. There is 2 hrs gone… so charging at least $200 is not out of the question for a job like this.

If you have enough work you won’t be coming home after each job… you’ll be continuing to the next job which might be more valuable (Like a whole house inspection). To make the infrared business viable you need 2 or 3 jobs per day… working at least 3 days per week.

Not sure how to get that many IR inspections each day? Download the free chapter of the thermal imaging quick start guide by clicking the ebook image to the right of this post.